Established in the Netherlands in 2002, we create high-end motoryachts that marry form and function to perfection and perform to the highest possible standard. Every Zeelander is a piece of art on the water, created for connoisseurs of life who understand what it takes to create the very best and want to invest in their own pleasure.


Even before you board a Z44 you’ll know that you are in the presence of something special due to the onlookers admiring her smooth curves and classic lines. When you see a Zeelander on the water you recognize it instantly; a Z44 cannot be confused with any other boat.

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The Zeelander Z55 has four headlights (two on the Z44) and three bedrooms (one of two on the Z44) – a master suite which includes a vanity table, a vip suite and a guest cabin with bunk beds (which could also be good for a couple of crew members should you wish to tale life really easy).

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